Don’t Wait Until Spring: List Your House for Sale January-March and Sell for More

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With the forecast for the 2022 Edmonton Real Estate Market shaping up to be another sellers market, there are some compelling reasons why you should list your house for sale in Q1 2022.

There are some key benefits of jumping into the market early this year and listing your home for sale in the months of January, February, and March. Rather than waiting for the snow to melt and for inventory to flood the market, get your listing out there now and sell your house for more money.

Why list your house for sale now?

While there are some obvious reasons why the majority of home sellers prefer to list in spring and summer (green grass look great and generally the weather is more cooperative for moving), there are actually plenty of reasons why you should consider listing in the first quarter of 2022 instead.

Less inventory means more eyes on your listing

The market outlook for 2022 is pointing to ongoing challenges with low housing inventory and high demand across the country. This is expected to increase home prices in Edmonton by about 5% in 2022.

With home prices so closely tied to inventory and demand, it makes good sense to list months before everyone else rushes into the spring market. Demand for homes for sale in Edmonton exists all year round, and savvy homebuyers are already on the lookout for their next home. Now’s the best time to take advantage of the lowest inventory levels of the year and leverage that negotiation power into a higher selling price.

More focused one-on-one attention from your REALTOR®

A dedicated REALTOR® will always want to ensure their clients are getting the best service and attention regardless of what time of year you list your house for sale. During the busiest months of the year for real estate, this can be more challenging.

Another benefit of listing your home before the busy spring/summer season, is that you will get undivided attention from your REALTOR® who will have additional capacity to help find the right buyer and negotiate a great deal on your behalf.

Take advantage of mortgage broker deals

Are you planning on selling your home so that you can take the next step and buy a move-up home?

The first few months of the year tend to be quieter months across most markets, including mortgage brokers. With relatively fewer mortgage applications in the works, processing times may be quicker and brokers more inclined to work hard to get the rate you want. Don’t hesitate to ask if they’re willing to offer incentives or reduced fees.

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Planning a winter move has advantages

A move in January or February typically means the slow season for vendors such as moving companies, home inspectors, and contractors. With fewer people using these services during the colder months, you may be able to negotiate a great deal with your movers or line up a contractor for any renovation projects you have in mind for your new home.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate and ask for extras thrown in like free boxes or a reduced hourly rate.

Need some advice on how to sell your home in the winter?

We’ve previously discussed some tips on selling your home in the winter. An experienced REALTOR® will have tried-and-true strategies for selling your home in the winter that will maximize the benefits mentioned above and will get your home sold quickly and for the best price — months before the first signs of spring.

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