A Guide To Selling Your Home in the Winter

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While there are some practical reasons why spring is the preferred time to buy or sell a house, there are some real benefits to selling your home in the winter.

We’ve outlined some of the top reasons why you should consider listing your home this winter instead of waiting for the snow to melt. Also, we have some pro tips to prepare your house and ensure it shows its very best during the winter months.

Why selling your home in the winter might be the best time to list

People are always moving

The reasons why people need to move happen all year round. Whether it’s a job relocation, home downsizing, family growth, changes in income or just seizing an opportunity to get that dream house – there is always a need for fresh inventory on the market.

People are always looking

Even people who aren’t actively planning a move are always looking. Because it is so easy to find listings online, on mobile devices, or have them emailed to you, pretty much everyone is spending time scoping out their favourite neighbourhoods or scanning listings for that perfect home. They’re not just looking in the spring or summer either.

Your neighbourhood is someone’s dream neighbourhood

There’s a good chance that the people who are interested in a particular community have been keeping a finger on the pulse of all current listings and check back regularly throughout the year. You just never know which home criteria will flip the switch from passive scanner to active buyer, so don’t miss an opportunity by waiting for the snow to melt.

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New year. New house?

Just as winter is winding up and the year is winding down, there will be plenty of people thinking about changes they’d like to undertake in the new year ahead. Along with New Year’s resolutions, people are setting personal and financial goals. Next year might be the year they make the switch from renting or maybe it’s time to upgrade from the starter home to the forever home. January, in particular, may be the best time to capitalize on all the positive, ‘let’s-make-a-change’ momentum that will take your home from listed to sold in no time flat.

How to prep your home for sale in the winter

Clear the driveway and all exterior walkways

The first step in making your home inviting is ensuring safe and easy access. If potential buyers are wary about the trip from the car to the front door, they might just turn around and leave. Chip away ice, use sand or salt on stubborn areas, and remove windrows from the curb if buyers are likely to be parking on the street.

Spruce up curb appeal

Curb appeal can be more challenging in the winter. Trees are bare and the landscape is shades of brown and white. Adding some green foliage, especially at the entryway, is a great way to make your home appealing from the outside. Evergreen planters with pine or cedar branches are a great way to add a splash of colour. The festive scent of cedar boughs makes an inviting first impression.

Light it up

November to February includes the shortest days of the entire year with the fewest hours of sunlight. When driving along a dark street, we’re naturally drawn to well-lit homes that cast a warm glow from within. For showings, be sure to turn on every light in the home.

Make buyers want to stay inside

Winter is cold and it’s long, but it makes us appreciate creature comforts so much more. This is the sentiment you need to focus on when staging your home for the winter market. Stage your home as a warm, cozy backdrop for all the indoor activities that get us through winter. Little touches like installing warm-white light bulbs (as opposed to cool-white), or arranging comfortable blankets or throws on the couch will all help inspire a warm, homey vibe.

And lastly, if possible, have a photo album available with flattering pictures of the home’s outdoor space in different seasons. For example, include photos of your fresh cut lawn or an especially gorgeous apple tree in full blossom during springtime.

Wally has tried-and-true strategies for selling your home in the winter that will maximize the benefits mentioned above and will get your home sold quickly and for the best price — months before the first signs of spring. That way you can spend your summer the way you want to, without worrying about open houses messing with your weekend BBQ routine.

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