Edmonton’s Best Realtor® Wally Fakhreddine Featured in Top Agent Magazine

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Throughout his career spanning over 15 years, Edmonton’s best Realtor® Wally Fakhreddine has earned a long list of awards and accolades, including his most recent nomination as one of the Top Agents in Western Canada by Top Agent Magazine.

Despite the success and accomplishments, Wally isn’t one to let the praise go to his head. “Earning — and maintaining — the title of Edmonton’s best Realtor® is not something I take for granted. It means a lot to me that Edmontonians trust me with one of the most important transactions of their lives.”

Featured in the recent Canada Edition

Find Out What Top Agent Magazine Had To Say About Wally

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To be considered for a feature in Top Agent Magazine all professionals must go through a nomination and interview process. It is considered a privilege to be nominated as it speaks to a certain success level all real estate agents strive for.

“Wally Fakhreddine is a stellar example of the kind of prominent leaders of real estate we are proud to feature in Top Agent Magazine,” Amelia Davis, Publishing Assistant for Top Agent Magazine.

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Quick Q&A With Wally: Edmonton’s Best REALTOR® 15 Years and Counting!

Why is Edmonton a great place to call home?

There are so many reasons to call Edmonton home that it is difficult to summarize in a few short paragraphs. But here are a few of my top reasons:

  1. The number one reason to call Edmonton home is the people! Edmontonians are kind, caring and extremely resilient.
  2. Edmonton is Alberta's capital city and it has a very diverse economy.
  3. We have an amazing arts & culture society.
  4. We are the home of the Edmonton Oilers! (Playoff track record notwithstanding)
  5. We have some of the finest restaurants in all of Canada.
  6. We have the largest tower in all of Western Canada (Stantec Tower) and the largest museum in Western Canada (Royal Alberta Museum).
  7. Hands down the best Farmers Markets in the country.
  8. It's TopEdmontonRealEstates home base and there is so much more I would need days to continue.

What unique challenges or opportunities are there in the Edmonton real estate market?

Edmonton's real estate market unequivocally has more opportunities than challenges. Our homes and commercial real estate are amongst the most affordable in the country, which allows home buyers and investors a great opportunity to see a huge return on investment.

Best place to get sushi and ice cream in Edmonton

My daughter and I absolutely love Mt. Fuji; we have been regulars there for almost 10 years! Hands down amazing! Then of course we need to go to DQ for chocolate coated soft serve ice cream.

What do you predict for the future in Edmonton?

In my humble opinion, Edmonton property values are greatly under-priced. On the average, our price points are 30% lower than Calgary and I strongly believe the next 10 years will be a game changer for the Edmonton real estate market!

With a winning track record that vastly surpasses the Edmonton Oilers recent playoff runs (sorry, we couldn’t resist!), you’re in good hands with Wally and his team.
For the advice and expertise you need to help buy or sell a home in Edmonton, call/text Wally today at 780-238-7384.
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