5 Ways To Make a Condo Feel More Like a House

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Many people buy Edmonton condos to enjoy the luxury of living downtown. With fairly high real estate values in this area, downtown condos can offer economy and convenience. Of course, this decision means you may have to sacrifice SQFT to enjoy a penthouse view of the river, street, and city. Still, you can take a few steps to give even the tiniest condo the spacious feel of a larger house.

Five Tips to Make Your Downtown Condo Look And Feel Like a Larger House

You can still enjoy the feeling of a spacious house without ignoring affordable realty listings for smaller condos if you try out these decorating tips for condos:

1. Favor Lighter Colors

Darker colors tend to make rooms feel cozy. At the same time, lighter colors reflect light to give rooms a more spacious appearance. In particular, favor lighter shades on the walls and the floor.

2. Create Multi-Purpose Rooms

You can use such furniture as Murphy beds and pull-out cabinets and desks to to get the rooms in your unit to serve multiple purposes. For instance, a spare bedroom can double as a home office. Your living room can transform into a playroom or entertainment center.

3. Try Using Larger Furniture

It seems counter-intuitive, but your room will look more spacious with one or two larger pieces of furniture than with multiple small pieces. For example, consider buying a larger sectional for your living room instead of a smaller sofa, loveseat, and chairs.

4. Use Stripes to Elongate Room Dimensions

Just like vertical stripes on clothes can make people appear taller and slimmer, decorative stripes can have the same effect on a room. You might try drapes with stripes or vertical blinds to make your ceilings look higher. If you want to make your space seem larger, you can choose flooring with patterns that will have a similar impact on perception.

5. Use Mirrors To Create The Illusion Of Larger Spaces

You can hang a mirror directly across from the window. While it only reflects the views from the window, it will create an illusion of added depth and space in a room.

Why Are Edmonton Condos Popular?

An investment in a condo or townhouse can help you save money on prime realty in this city. Many of them offer modern features, so you don't have to sacrifice on amenities or convenience. At the same time, you can take a few simple steps to give them the spacious feel of a larger house.